Cleavie Wonder

Weekend Observations

Teflon Tom Brady spent the weekend popping bottles and throwing darts at a picture of Roger Goodell in his basement with his friends.  Somehow judge Richard Berman decided the Wells report provided no evidence Brady did anything wrong and reversed Goodell’s 4 game suspension.  I won’t go so far as to call judge Berman a lifelong Patriots fan that did his boy a solid, but I don’t think he was completely impartial either.

There was enough evidence to warrant at least 2 games.  The text messages show Teflon Tom had knowledge the balls were going to be deflated and in fact ordered the code red.  Since when to Pro Bowl quarterbacks have that much conversation with ball boys?  Why did he shred his phone Aaron Hernandez style?  We all know Tom and the Patriots are far from innocent and willing to do whatever it takes to gain an advantage.

Right now Teflon Tom still has that smug look on his face, but he’s not quite out of the woods just yet.  The NFL will appeal this decision and the next judge hearing the case could re-instate the 4 game suspension.  The lower courts don’t always have the final say.  This thing could drag on for several months.  If Teflon Tom has to miss games in November or December it could jeopardize the Patriots chances to make the playoffs.  Stay tuned.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

Once again the Tim Tebow experiment is over.  Tebow let Chip Kelly play with his emotions and truly felt he had a good chance to make the Eagles roster.  His chances looked even better when Philly traded Matt Barkley to Arizona, but in the end Kelly came to the same conclusion as everybody else.  Tim Tebow is not an NFL quarterback.

It’s all fun and games until SHANKAPOTIMUS rears its ugly head for your team.  With 15 seconds left the Washington Huskies had a chance to tie the game Friday at Boise St.  Unfortunately Cameron Van Winkle missed a 46 yard field goal and the Huskies lost 16-13.  I’ve started a petition to have his scholarship revoked.  We’re just a few signatures shy of accomplishing that goal if you’re interested.  KICKERS WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!

The Seattle Mariners have won 5 straight and show signs they want to compete down the stretch.  There’s a youth movement with Ketel Marte, Stefen Romero, and Shawn O’Malley.  I said months ago the Mariners should blow this team up and play the kids so we can see what we have going forward.  They finally read my blog and now good things are happening.  Imagine what could have been if they read my blog sooner!