Cleavie Wonder

Why Cleavie Wonder Is Rooting For The Enemy


I’m a 3rd generation Washington Husky and I don’t like the Oregon Ducks.  I’ve respected a few of their players over the years and root for them slightly when they play SEC teams, but for the most part I have nothing good to say about them.  They are the hated rivals to the south with a stupid mascot and stupid fans.  In a word they are beneath me.

This year is different however.  Their quarterback has a compelling story and I want to see him do well.  Vernon Adams Jr. chose to take his talents to Eugene in hopes of gaining exposure playing in the national spotlight.  The kid absolutely lit it up at Eastern Washington over the last 4 years proving all the doubters wrong.  There is no question he deserved the chance to compete at the Division I level coming out of high school and he is making the most of his opportunity.

He is a natural leader who’s won over his teammates in a short period of time.  Very few people have the ability to transition into a complex offense in less than 2 months.  He’s mature beyond his years and at 5’11 200 pounds he reminds me of you know who.  He carries himself with class and poise while embracing his status as a role model and an inspiration for young athletes all over the world.

Just when things were looking up news has surfaced Adams has been playing the season with a broken index finger.  Although I admire his courage and toughness the injury puts him in a no win scenario.  He can no longer effectively showcase his talents and may end up doing permanent damage.  In addition, Adams now becomes the obvious scapegoat if things don’t go Oregon’s way.  One bad throw or fumble will have the Quackers turning on him and blaming his bum hand for their lost season.

I’m also caught in a no win situation.  I want Vernon Adams to do well, but not too well.  I don’t want to see Oregon beat Washington or win the Pac 12 title again, but if they don’t Adams won’t accomplish his goals or validate his decision to transfer.  It’s a tricky thing rooting for Oregon.  It feels unnatural!  Good thing it’s only for a season so I can go back to praying for the end of the Duck dynasty!