Cleavie Wonder

The Return Of SeahawkCentric

Today is the first SeahawkCentric blog of the 2015 season.  For those of you out there wondering what took me so long to get into a SeahawkCentric state of mind I have some answers for you.  First off, I’ve been busy doing damage control.  With the Hawks starting out 0-2 everybody and their grandma came out of the woodwork to take cheap shots at me.  My honey comb hideout is made of all glass and the chip repair damage was extensive if you know what I’m saying.  When you talk as much as I do people tend to go overboard when my teams are down.

Secondly, I vowed not to write a SeahawkCentric blog until Kam Chancellor came back.  I didn’t see any point in making an assessment about the team or defending my position without a full roster in place.  How was I to know the soap opera drama would drag on into the season!  In my mind the thought of Kam missing games was so far fetched I thought this blog was coming out weeks ago.  Such is life.  What can you do?

What’s more concerning is how the 12’s and those who claim to be in a SeahawkCentric state of mind responded during my absence.  With the exception of Berto Mendoza no one stepped up to support or defend the Hawks.   If you’re gonna be in a SeahawkCentric state of mind you have to represent!  You need to be somewhat delusional in your approach to Seahawk business!  You can’t just cheer when the team is 12-4 with homefield advantage throughout the playoffs!  You have to believe even when things get a little dicey.  Otherwise we’re just fair weather fans like Stacey and Young Maher always say.

Now that I’ve jumped down from my soapbox let’s take a look at what transpired over the last 3 weeks.  There were losses to St. Louis and Green Bay that wouldn’t have happened if Kam was in the line up.  End of story.  That’s not to say the play calling hasn’t been terrible (Darrell Bevel needs to go), the offensive line isn’t horrible (Years of neglecting this unit has caught up with us), or that Jimmy Graham doesn’t deserve A LOT more touches.  It just means we lost those games by the slightest of margins because we executed poorly down the stretch.  Kam is by no means the best defensive player in the league or even the best defensive player on this team, but he makes sure his teammates are in a position to make plays.

Mopping up the Chicago Bears was no big deal.  Sure the Hawks pitched a shutout, but they only scored one offensive touchdown against a team that sucks in every facet of the game and punted the ball on their first ten possessions.  There’s no excuse for us not scoring at least 45 points against those scrubs.

I’m not gonna lie to you, the offense is a major concern right now.  Beastmode is beat up, they can’t sustain drives, and Russell Wilson is running for his life on every play.  If the offense continues to struggle like this the Super Bowl is not a realistic goal.

I’m confident the Hawks can still turn things around however.  On Monday there’s another “scrimmage” against the Mowtown Kitties in primetime.  Russell Wilson will have extra motivation because of the Golden Tate situation, Sweet 16 will set out to prove he’s the next Golden Tate, and Jimmy Graham should have a field day with Detroit’s inadequate secondary.  Stafford will fold under the swarming pass rush (I predict 3 interceptions) and Richard Sherman will put an end to the Megatron slant route.

Detroit is the NFL’s version of a slumpbuster and Seattle could sure use a confidence builder right about now.  We just need to keep the momentum going for the next few games and before you know it the Hawks will be back on top of the division.  I’ll chime in next week with all the juicy details of the Seattle slaughter.  Until then lets all keep a SeahawkCentric state of mind shall we?