Cleavie Wonder

Weekend Observations

It was a crazy week on the fantasy football front.  I followed my intuition and it served me well.  In my trash talking league I started Rashad Jennings in place of Beastmode.  He did nothing for 3 1/2 quarters, but when I really needed him he stepped up and gave me a receiving touchdown.  Before that I was the village idiot.  Now people have started calling me John Clayton Jr.  Of course I’m flattered by the compliment, but it’s a long season.  There was probably more luck than skill involved with that pick.

In my hurt your feelings league I had the audacity to start Jeremy Hill.  He was able to put his fumbling issues aside and netted me 24 points.  It was a risky proposition, but it paid off for me in the end.  The problem is Peyton Manning was garbage on Sunday, the Chiefs defense put up -4 points, and somehow Martellus Bennett (My opponents tight end) scored a whopping 27 points.

The key to winning my match ups this week is Golden Tate.  In trash talk I’m up 6 points and my opponent has Steven Hauschka.  In hurt your feelings I’m down by 23.  In a perfect world Golden has 14 catches for 172 yards and two touchdowns en route to a 48-17 drubbing at the hands of the Seahawks. Wish me luck.  here are some observations over the weekend.

SHANKAPOTIMUS REARS ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN!!!  As if it wasn’t bad enough Josh Scobee missed two field goals costing Pittsburgh a victory on Thursday  his replacement in Jacksonville Jason Myers missed THREE field goals costing the Jaguars a victory.  Something tells me he will be joining Scobee in the unemployment line real soon.

Ichiro Suzuki pitched an inning of relief for the Florida Marlins giving up one run and his fast ball topped out at 87 mph.  Impressive.

There are reports that an assistant coach for the Louisville basketball team paid escorts to have sex with teenage recruits.  Not sure if I believe this or not, but the scandal could very well cost Rick Pitino his job.  More on this later in the week.

Jay Cutler makes a difference!  Upon his return to the line up the Chicago Bears were able to hold off the Oakland Raiders at home.  I was starting to think the Bears wouldn’t win a game this season.