Cleavie Wonder

SeahawkCentric: Hawks Over The Bengals

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Detroit Lions 13-10 thanks to a great defensive play by Kam Chancellor and an illegal play by KJ Wright that didn’t get called for a penalty.  As you recall I told you guys the game against the Mowtown Kitties would be nothing more than a scrimmage, but somehow it turned into a dogfight.  To say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement.

The Seattle Seahawks haven’t looked good all season.  There have been flashes of brilliance or games where the defense or special teams played great, but overall the team looks like a shell of its former self.  Now that Kam is back the blame has shifted to the offensive line.  Their play has been so poor Russell Wilson has tripled the value of his insurance policy coverage.  If things don’t get better we’ll see Tavarais Jackson starting by week 13.

As if things couldn’t get any worse the 2-2 Seahawks travel across the country to play the 4-0 Cincinnati Bengals this week.  The Bengals have the best running back tandem in the game, a stellar defense, a top 5 wide receiver, and a quarterback that’s gaining more confidence every game.  The odds look insurmountable and Vegas even has Cincy as a 3 point favorite.

That being said the Bengals are not flawless and anything can happen on any given Sunday.  If Beastmode returns to the line up, Darrell Bevell calls plays for Jimmy Graham, the offensive line blocks for 3 seconds, and the defense has their 3rd consecutive game without allowing an offensive touchdown I like our chances.  In my opinion the difference in this game will be the special teams play of sweet sixteen Tyler Lockett.  Not sure if he’ll take one back to the house, but I see a 50 or 60 yard return that changes the complexity of this game.  Hawks win a close one on the road 24-23.  I’ll chime in after the victory with all the juicy details.  Until then let’s all keep a SeahawkCentric state of mind shall we?