Cleavie Wonder

Why Derek Fisher Should Resign

matt and fish

Let me start out by saying I don’t think Derek Fisher is a bad guy.  In 2000 at the Shaq pool party in Vegas (Following the Lakers championship) he hooked me and my boy KP up with drinks, introduced us to various attractive women, took pictures with me and the crew, and gave us a shout out on the mic.

As president of the NBAPA he held his ground and made sure the players got what they deserved.  His decisions were not always popular and the tough negotiations resulted in cancelled games, but at the end of the day he did his job and the league is better off for it.  Fisher has also served as a mentor to Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Carmelo Anthony by teaching them how to be a professional on and off the court.

Although Derek Fisher has built up a lot of cool points with his good deeds over the years I can’t condone his recent behavior.  As if it were made for reality TV news has surfaced that Fisher is in a relationship with the ex-wife of Memphis Grizzlies star Matt Barnes.  Upon hearing of the news from his son Barnes drove over to Gloria Govan’s house and got into a fight with the New York Knicks head coach.  This is wrong on so many levels.

First off, it is frowned upon to sleep with the spouse or ex-spouse of your teammates.  Some players break the rules (Tony Parker, Jason Richardson), but in general most players understand it causes unnecessary drama and should be avoided whenever possible.

Secondly, coaches have too much interaction with the players to allow this kind of thing to go on.  What happens when the Grizzlies play the Knicks?  What happens if Matt Barnes is traded to New York?  What happens if Derek Fisher gets fired and takes a job as an assistant in Memphis?  Things could get real ugly in all of those scenarios.

Lastly, the players feel differently about Derek Fisher now.  If it hasn’t already happened Fisher will probably lose the locker room and the support of star player Carmelo Anthony.  Nobody wants to answer questions about some LA Wives soap opera bullsh*t when they should be talking about basketball.  Fisher’s relationship with Govan is a distraction that will linger on for the entire season

For these reasons it is in everyone’s best interest for Derek Fisher to step down.  No one questions Fisher’s knowledge of the game or his ability to implement the triangle offense, but his personal life and the drama surrounding it will overshadow those things.  People around the league have lost respect for him and until this situation cools down a bit Fisher should remove himself from his basketball duties. Your thoughts?