Cleavie Wonder

SeahawkCentric: Seahawks Survive Dolphins


Before I give my assessment of the Seahawks performance on Sunday I’d like to give a special thanks to Kenny Stills.  Had it not been for Kenny dropping a sure touchdown late in the game the 12’s could be in panic mode right now.  As it stands the Seahawks are 1-0 and 1st place in their division.

That doesn’t mean all is well.  For 3 1/2 quarters the Seahawks offense looked disjointed and out of sync.  The Rawls/Michael experiment was not a success, Tyler Lockett had very little impact, and the offensive line didn’t protect our franchise quarterback.  Still and yet the Hawks had enough in the tank to pull out an improbable win and showed the resolve of a two time NFC champion.

Hats off to the defense for keeping the Seahawks in the game.  The Hawks D looked in midseason form stopping the run and rushing the passer.  KJ Wright was dominant with 11 tackles and a sack and Michael Bennett kept constant pressure on Ryan Tannehill.  The secondary allowed a modest 186 yards through the air and there were no big special teams plays.  It wasn’t pretty and certainly not the 3 touchdown margin I predicted, but a win is a win.  No one will remember how close the game was on the plane ride to Houston in February.

Next up is the Los Angeles Rams.  The Rams always seem to give the Seahawks trouble and this year should be no different.  Their defense is loaded with impact players and their running game is solid.  Gurley Man gets his way against most teams so I’m a little nervous about the outcome.  Let me do a little research on this team (meaning watch tonight’s game) and I’ll come up with a prediction for next week.  Until then let’s all keep a SeahawkCentric state of mind shall we?