Cleavie Wonder

SeahawkCentric: Hawks edge Falcons


In the first half of Sunday’s game the Seattle Seahawks looked unstoppable.  The Falcons couldn’t run, Julio Jones wasn’t making big plays, and the offense looked like a well oiled machine.  For some reason all of this positivity came to a screeching halt in the 3rd quarter.  The Falcons scored 21 unanswered points and took a 24-17 lead into the 4th quarter.  Fortunately for the 12’s around the world we have Russell Wilson on our side.

Wilson showed impressive pocket presence driving the team down the field for the go ahead score and the defense did just enough to secure the victory.  There are millions of people around the country that say there was pass interference on the Falcons final drive, but I didn’t see a flag which means it didn’t happen.  Don’t spoil the Hawks big win over what could have been.  No call, no foul.

The one disappointing aspect of the game was the special teams.  Steven Hauschka missed a field goal and had an extra point blocked.  I understand the snap wasn’t that great on the field goal and the extra point miss isn’t really his fault, but it almost cost the Seahawks the game.  Just think if the refs did call pass interference on Richard Sherman?  The result would most likely have been a one point loss instead of a tie game going into overtime.   Attention to detail is what separates the Seahawks from all the other pretenders so I am confident they will get it together.

Next up is the Arizona Cardinals on primetime.  Should be a great game, but I’ll wait to see how they do against the New York Jets before making my official prognostication.  Until then let’s all keep a SeahawkCentric state of mind shall we?