Cleavie Wonder

Weekend Obervations


In my fantasy football league my starting quarterback completed 1 pass, was sacked 5 times, and benched in the 3rd quarter.  I will not make the playoffs in that league.  My other team performed so poorly there is no need to get into the details of that debacle.  I will not make the playoffs in that league.  But enough about me.  Let’s talk about the WASHINGTON HUSKIES FOOTBALL TEAM!!!  The Huskies dismantled the Colorado Buffalos 41-10 to earn a trip to the Peach Bowl against Alabama December 31st.

I must admit I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the Pac 12 Championship as much as I would have liked.  As soon as the game was over my phone started blowing up with concerns about the selection committee.  Everybody and their grandma thought the committee would snub the Huskies for some garbage a$$ Big 10 team.  Fortunately the committee got it right and it feels like 91′ all over again.  The Huskies will face Alabama (the Death Star of college football), but I like our chances.  The Crimson Tide haven’t played a close game all season or a game where Jalen Hurts was forced to win it with his arm.  I’m looking forward to what coach Peterson has up his sleeve.  New years eve can’t get here soon enough!  Here are some observations over the weekend.

Leonard Fournette declared himself eligible for the 2017 NFL draft.  What a surprise.

Ron Rivera benched Cam Newton before the Seahawks game because Cam didn’t wear a tie.  Rule are rules, but some rules can get you fired.  Not sure why coach Rivera decided to pick a meaningless fight with the star quarterback in a season where the Panthers are 4-8.  This could get ugly.  Stay tuned.

The UCLA Bruins went to Lexington and beat the Kentucky Wildcats 97-92 on their home court.  The basketball factory that is Kentucky basketball should be ashamed of themselves.  Why on earth would anybody go there?

The Chicago Bulls have suspended Rajon Rondo for conduct detrimental to the team.  We all knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, but 17 games into the season?  This is not 2008 and I’m not sure Rondo is worth the trouble.  The Bulls should cut bait with this guy before he ruins the locker room.