Cleavie Wonder

Weekend Observations

fisher holding call

I’m in the process of packing up all of my Seahawks flair and I must admit it’s rather depressing.  Putting away all the sweatshirts, jerseys, pillows, blankets, footballs, and hats is a sobering reminder the NFL season is officially over for the 12’s.  I’m no different than those schmucks in New York, Miami, Oakland, or Houston.  I get to sit around watching the playoffs with no emotional vesting and little concern for who wins or loses.  Sucks to be me.

Things could be worse however.  I could be a Chiefs fan that has to live with a controversial holding call that could have sent the game into overtime.  I could be a Cowboys fan that came into the divisional round with the best running game, best record, and home field advantage only to get bounced out with nothing to show for it.  I could be a Browns fan that has absolutely no idea which direction the team is headed.

For now I get to be one of those fans that tells you how good his team could have been if this or that happened differently.  What if Earl Thomas didn’t get hurt during the season?  What if Deshawn Shead and Germain Ifedi didn’t hurt in the Falcons game?  WHAT IF THE SEAHAWKS HAD AN OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR THAT UNDERSTOOD HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO THROW THE FU*KING BALL TO JIMMY GRAHAM!!!!

It’s a bitter, angry place to be, but that’s what makes sports so compelling and the ultimate reality TV show.  I have supreme confidence Pete Carroll and the Seahawks front office will find a way to turn this thing around and next year will yield greater results.  Of course the mere fact that I’m talking about next year on January 16th makes me want to throw up.

That being said somebody other than the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl this year and we are down to the final four.  It’s an impressive collection of quarterbacks and the matchups themselves are compelling for the most part.  At the end of the day I think we are going to see the much anticipated matchup of Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady in the Super Bowl.  Not sure who is going to win that duel, but the build up will be epic.  Nauseating, but epic nonetheless.

Pittsburgh has an outside shot to get in if they can score touchdowns in the redzone and Atlanta has an outside chance if they can establish the run.  The experience of the Patriots and Packers is the wildcard and the magnitude of the game could be more than Matty Ice can handle.  Big Ben is used to it and LeVeon Bell is a star in the making, but Belichick always seems to find a way to exploit weaknesses and put his team in a position to make plays.  Should be entertaining.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

The NFL kickers came through in a big way.  Boswell, Bailey, and Crosby deserve credit for hitting some clutch kicks and proving their worth.  I’m not ready to shed my Shankapotimus theory just yet though.  It can rear it’s ugly head at any time.

The New York Knicks are an awful basketball team.  If they didn’t play in New York I’m not sure their games would ever be televised.  Phil Jackson needs to be fired.  The game has passed him by.  Carmelo gets way too much of the blame and Phil gets too much credit for his basketball wisdom.  Let us not forget his coaching accomplishments are more about Jordan/Pippen and Shaq/Kobe than they are about the triangle offense.

Dana White is almost serious about putting together a Mayweather/McGregor fight.  Clearly 25 mil a piece won’t get it done and he’s delusional in his assessment that McGregor is a bigger pay per view draw than Floyd, but at least the conversation has a legitimate jump off point.  Maybe they get this done by Christmas.

Antonio Brown thought it was a good idea to broadcast Mike Tomlin’s postgame speech to the team on Facebook live.  I’m sure he’ll get a lot more followers on social media, but he most definitely lost the trust of some players and personnel in the Steelers organization.  I’m also pretty sure he’s not sorry for what he did and doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.   Welcome to 2017!